Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Commute

A final kiss goodbye
A prayer my family sleeps safe
Layered gloved and helmeted
I step into the dark, latch the door mount up and
Ride into the final days of winter

Into the lees of the last snow
Treacherous gravel and wet grime curb to curb
I take the center in the fog until overtaking headlights
force the drift and skate of the shoulder sandbars.
Arrival the postponing of a skirmish

Resuming in the evening through quartering wind
cars hissing rain, following my feeble arc of light
Home, back knotted with work and road rudeness to
Uncoil the hose and flush muck and oily grit
Into the thawing earth.

Above, the slimmest shard of the new moon
rattles in the winter wracked limbs of the old dogwood
curved arms of light
reaching for the nearness
of the one star in the sky.

Read, ride, repeat.

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