Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baiku #1

The poet speaks of
the other way of the world
like the bicycle

Welcome to my blog, Baiku (from "bicycle" + "haiku.") There will poetry, bicycles, and other simple pleasures. Tell me what you think.

A good poem is beautiful, at least in part, because of the economy of words. In poetry, less really is More. I believe the bicycle is like that, a pure and distilled way to wander, with purpose (or not.) And if Poetry is language in it's purest form, then I think of the bicycle as a poem on two wheels. For me, both have opened windows to what is beautiful and hopeful and true. Like poetry, I hope what I post conveys a sense of Less is More. I'll strive for short and simple (no easy task for me!)

It won't be all poetry and bikes, but they will be the threads which weave through the fabric of this site, and I hope the deliberate simplicity and surprising joy of each will infuse all I write.

I know the web - and the world - contains more then enough ego, advice, whining, thoughtlessness, profanity, and general blather. it's wearying and diminishes all who speak it and all who listen. I want to be different.
I want to celebrate people who take care.
I want to think first, and then speak. Or not.
I want to embrace thoughtful dissent.
I want to point at beauty and share it.

Read. Ride. Repeat.

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